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It is suggested that the inclusion of a savoury in the menu goes against all the rules of gastronomy and that they have no right to be included in a classical menu. Despite this the following recipes for savouries are given, these being chosen from amongst the most acceptable from a gastronomic point of view and those most commonly used. There is a relationship between Hors-d’oeuvre and savouries and many of the hot Hors-d’oeuvre given in that chapter can be served as savouries by merely heightening the seasoning. Amongst those worth noting are the various tartlets and Barquettes, FrivolitĂ©s, Eclairs Karoly and Allumettes aux Anchois etc. The only difference between the hot Hors-d’oeuvre and savouries is that the latter should be more highly seasoned, particularly with Cayenne.