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CRÊPES ARE ONE OF THOSE SPECIALTIES that go in and out of fashion. At one time there were American restaurants that served nothing but crêpes, but these days they are often overlooked. If they appear at all, they are probably served as dessert.
In France, crêpes can be served throughout the meal, beginning with the first course—folded around a savory filling, coated with a sauce, and baked.
Crêpes freeze exceptionally well, and if you prepare some to have on hand, making stuff ed crêpes can be easy. When I make crêpes to freeze for future use, I do not put waxed paper between each crêpe as most cookbooks instruct. I generally freeze the crêpes in a stack, in the quantity that I am most likely to need (assuming two to three crêpes per person). When I’m ready to use them, I put the whole stack to warm in the oven, making them pliable and easy to use.