Sant Miquel de Tudela

Artisanal Olive Oil and Natural Products in la Segarra, Spain

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Islands In A Common Sea: Stories of farming, fishing, and food around the world

By Jenny Jefferies

Published 2024

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Taking over my mother’s project and making it our own has been an incredible experience and an amazing life change.

By Virginie Buu-Hoi Tacies Stewart

Our Farm, Sant Miquel de Tudela, was created in 2002 by my mother as a project for her retirement. It was somewhere she could invest all her passions, as well as a place to enjoy and rest. The location was important too; she went back to her origins in the region of La Segarra, from which both her parents came. The farm is located about an hour west of Barcelona and comprises approximately six hectares, with no neighbours apart from a few wild pigs, roe deer, rabbits and birds.