Paul Heathcote

A Chef for all Seasons

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Rhubarb and Black Pudding

Rhubarb and Black Pudding

By Paul Heathcote and Matthew Fort

Published 1998

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Paul Heathcote on cooking: ‘One of the bees in my bonnet is that too many chefs want to cook what’s in fashion. They want to put plenty of olive oil and roasted peppers on to their menus, and every restaurant you go to has a similar kind of feel to it. Why can’t we use things the same way chefs do in France and Italy, in the villages, bistros and places. They cook with what their suppliers have in season.’

Paul Heathcote on management: ‘I’m a big believer in people having responsibilities.’

Paul Heathcote on customers: ‘It’s about making you feel at ease, as if you want to enjoy yourself.’