The Three-stage Cooling Method

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At Home with Sous Vide

At Home with Sous Vide

By Dale Prentice

Published 2013

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Preparing your meals ahead of time, and putting the same energy into their cooling and maintenance in the fridge, allows for easy reheating at a moment’s notice. This is ideal when hosting a dinner party, as all of the components of your meal can be cooked to perfection and held at temperature until the guests arrive.
Freezing portions for later use in the same vacuum pouch they were cooked in, and will be reheated in, makes sous vide unique, and it makes the most complex dishes a simple task for any busy cook. With the sous vide in the kitchen, correctly cooked and cooled portions can be reheated in the same condition as if they were just cooked, which means dry, overcooked food is a thing of the past.