Sharing a Kitchen

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Students' Cookbook

Students' Cookbook

By Sophie Grigson

Published 1993

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The two biggest bones of contention in a shared home are the telephone bill and the kitchen. At least the telephone bill is a nightmare you’ll only have to negotiate quarterly. The kitchen, on the other hand, can be a continual problem. Ease the friction by showing consideration for your flat-mates, and attempt to instil the same attitude in them.
Most importantly, always keep the kitchen clean. A dirty kitchen is a potential health hazard; germs will breed willy-nilly in a neglected kitchen, and more obvious wildlife, such as ants, mice, cockroaches and others might be tempted in. Splatters of food or fat on the floor should be wiped up instantly, otherwise you’re likely to slip on them, which could be serious, particularly if you are carrying a dish of boiling hot food at the time. Clean the fridge and the oven regularly and don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink; wash up utensils as you cook, if possible, then there’s less to do later. Always wash knives and chopping boards after preparing raw meats and before using them for other ingredients.