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Sweet Hands: Island Cooking from Trinidad and Tobago

Sweet Hands

By Ramin Ganeshram

Published 2018

One of my greatest pleasures on trips back to Trinidad is the first taste of doubles the morning after I arrive. Spiced chickpeas with onions and pepper sauce folded between rounds of fried bread, doubles are Trinidad’s equivalent of a New York bagel purchased at a coffee truck. Doubles do double-duty, however, as a wee hours snack for late night clubbers. In fact, the only way to eat them is from the various stands on the side of the road, and everyone has their favorite. I like the ones sold inside Brooklyn Bar in Woodbrook, one of the few remaining old-style rum shops in Trinidad. My husband Jean-Paul swears, as does our good friend Gerard Ramsawak, that Curepe is the only place for any kind of decent doubles.