Principles of First Aid

Appears in
The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Bread Baking

By French Culinary Institute

Published 2021

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Burns, abrasions, and cuts are part and parcel of work in all kitchens. These occupational hazards must be dealt with promptly and knowledgeably to prevent further injury and to maintain a sanitary workplace.
Follow these simple kitchen safety rules and you will avoid many accidents:
  • Keep a well-maintained fire extinguisher within arm’s reach at all times.
  • Immediately clean spills from floors and worktables. If a mop or other cleanup tool is not within reach, spread salt over floor spills to absorb moisture and prevent falls.
  • Always use guards and other safety devices provided for small equipment.
  • Never attempt to remove food from a machine that is in motion, and always unplug electrical appliances before unloading, disassembling, or cleaning.
  • Do not touch or handle electrical equipment, switches, or outlets with wet hands or if standing in water.
  • Make sure that the kitchen is well ventilated.
  • Check that pilot lights are lit and relight when necessary.
  • Do not attempt to lift heavy objects without assistance, and when obliged to lift heavy objects, bend your knees and lift using your legs.