Conversion Tables

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The French Market

The French Market

By Joanne Harris and Fran Warde

Published 2005

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5g ¼oz
15g ½oz
20g ¾oz
25g 1oz
50g 2oz
75g 3oz
125 4oz
150g 5oz
175g 6oz
200g 7oz
250g 8oz
275g 9oz
100g 10oz
325g 11oz
375g 12oz
400g 13oz
425g 14oz
475g 15oz
500g 1lb
625g 1¼ lb
750g 1½ lb
875g 1¾ lb
1kg 2lb
1.25g 2½ lb
1.5kg 3lb
1.75kg 3½ lb
2kg 4lb
15ml ½2fl oz
25ml 1fl oz
50ml 2fl oz
75ml 3fl oz
100ml 3½fl oz
125ml 4fl oz
150ml ¼ pint
175ml 6fl oz
200ml 7fl oz
250ml 8fl oz
275ml 9fl oz
300ml ½ pint
325ml 11fl oz
350ml 12fl oz
375ml 13fl oz
400ml 14fl oz
450ml ¾ pint
475ml 16fl oz
500ml 17fl oz
550ml 18fl oz
600ml 1 pint
750ml 1¼ pints
900ml 1½ pints
1 litre 1¾ pints
1.2 litres 2 pints
1.5 litres 2½ pints
1.8 litres 3 pints