“Fingertip” and “Earlobe” Doughs

Half of the fun of dough-making is the feel of it, and most of the success of making good breads and buns rests with getting the feel. In my classes, I’ve come to distinguish between two textures of dough and find it extremely helpful to Chinese bread-makers-to-be.

Fingertip” doughs are those with a smooth and rather firm texture, just like the feel of the tip of your index finger if you pinch it several times between the thumb and first finger of your other hand. This rather firm texture is typical of yeasted Chinese doughs.

Earlobe” doughs are softer and seemingly without muscle. They are exactly the texture of your earlobe when you grasp it between your thumb and first finger. This smooth, soft texture is typical of unyeasted Chinese doughs, the sort used for making dumpling wrappers.