Directions for Frying

Appears in

The Settlement Cook Book

By Lizzie Black Kander

Published 1903

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Frying is cooking in deep hot fat.
Cooking in Deep Fat—General Rules.
The fat used for cooking may be olive oil, cottonseed oil, cottolene, beef drippings, lard, or a mixture of several fats.
The food must be covered with crumbs and egg, or a batter, to keep it from absorbing fat.
Place the articles to be cooked in a bath of the fat, deep enough to float them. The kettle should be of iron; a frying basket may be used.
Foods already cooked or needing little cooking require a higher temperature than batters. The temperature of the fat for oysters, croquettes, fish balls, etc., may be tested by browning a cube of tread while counting forty. Counting sixty, while the bread browns, gives the right temperature for all other batters.