Using the Freezer in April

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The Times Calendar Cookbook

By Katie Stewart

Published 1977

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Plan Easter holiday menus carefully. A capon or small turkey can be useful to have in the freezer for long weekends. Small turkeys of 3½–4 kg (8–9lb) in weight are readily available and make a marvellous roast, providing enough for eight hearty appetites with a little left over for cold. Use the carcass for soups and the pickings of the cold bird in a white sauce as a filling for pancakes or hot vol-au-vent cases. Stock up the freezer with some turkey pieces to use for fried turkey escalopes.

Rhubarb is a food not to be ignored this month. Wash, trim stalks and cut into 2.5cm (1 - in) lengths; freeze in polythene bags in quantities of 450 g (1lb). Rhubarb that has been frozen makes up best into compotes. Do not thaw first, just use frozen. You will find that the chilled lemon cheesecake will also freeze. Freeze uncovered until firm. Dip the tin in very hot water for a few seconds, loosen around the top with a knife, and turn out. Wrap in cling wrap and foil for storage. Remove from the freezer about 6–8 hours before serving, unwrap, and allow to thaw slowly on a plate in the refrigerator.