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In Nonna's Kitchen

In Nonna's Kitchen

by Carol Field


California-born Field wrote extensively on Italian food (she was best known for her book ‘The Italian Baker’). ‘In Nonna’s Kitchen’ is a well-researched set of interviews and recipes with perhaps the last generation of Italian women to have passed down traditional regional recipes. Beautifully written, rich with food and folklore, and with recipes that reward the time spent.

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Integrating anecdotes, folk wisdom, and recipes into a delectable cookbook, a collection of authentic Italian dishes represents the best in traditional Italian cuisine, featuring savory breads, fruit preserves, sauces, meat dishes, pastas, desserts, and more.

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Just like grandma used to make

Just like grandma used to make

In Nonna’s Kitchen by Carol Field celebrates and preserves the traditional regional cooking of Italy, as recounted by dozens of Italian grandmothers. To celebrate the recent addition of this critically-acclaimed title to ckbk, we explore grandmother-inspired recipes from across our cookbook collection.

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Merry White

Food anthropologist

Every Italian grandmother in this book is a star and the torta della nonna is fabulous.