The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook

by Ina Garten

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Clarkson Potter
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Recommended by

Erin Jeanne McDowell

Cook, food writer and food stylist

I used to watch Ina with my mom + grandma all the time - we loved her (still do). She embodies so many of the things I feel the most strongly about in food + cooking. Food should be delicious first, not to be afraid to try new things, and (of course) that butter is king ("How good is that?!").

Brian Stewart

Podcast host

One of my go-to cookbooks and authors for entertaining: Ina’s recipes work every time, fill the space between decadent and simple perfectly, and are never too intimidating or complicated. Ina changed the way I think about cooking as much as anyone.

Jami Curl

Founder of QUIN – a small batch, handmade candy company headquartered in Portland, Oregon

Before Food Network - Ina at her best. This food in this book is so much more than food - it captures a moment and a feeling that I feel nostalgic for even though I really only experienced the moment and the feeling through Ina.

Jennifer Chandler

Cookbook author and restaurateur

A Modern Classic for great home cooking with recipes that work every time

Lilian (Chinese Grandma)

Blogger, Chinese Grandma

Appealing recipes that really work; Garten never disappoints.

Suzy Chase

Host/producer of cookbook podcast Cookery by the Book

A simple well tested cookbook, who doesn’t love Ina.

Robert McCullough

Publisher of Appetite

Stephen Marsh

Managing Director, Pinkster Gin

Marian Morash

Chef, gardener and TV presenter

Sara Lee Schupf

Lover of great cuisine