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The Independent Cook: Strategies for Seasonal Cooking

by Jeremy Round


A chef’s almanac of seasonal recipes that make the most of fresh produce and game. Each month features a dedicated shopping list of ripe, in season ingredients and inspiring recipes to make the best of them. Look forward to each new month’s select dishes.

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Barrie & Jenkins
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Cheryl Cohen

Farmer's market organizer

Seasonality in food has always been important to me. The Independent Cook is probably the first book to work through the year. He doesn't ignore imported items, but he makes it clear what’s in season and when, and the best time to cook with these ingredients. At the time of writing this it's early September and Jeremy is advising us to look for Tydeman's Early, Worcester Pearmain, Miller's Seedling and James Grieve apples 'in the rare outlets where you'd have any chance of finding them.' His style is dry, sardonic & amusing. And all the better for it.

Hattie Ellis

Food writer

One of the first, best, most useful and most personal cookbooks to emphasise seasonal produce. Every page shows a curious home cook pursuing what he loves to eat as well as cook. Full of gems such as Cynical Party-Giving section (December), which is how to entertain lots of people easily and well. He also gives a guide to the cost of the recipes, a useful detail not often mentioned and there’s a comprehensive guide to what’s in season, including cheese.

Valentine Warner

Author and chef

A most comprehensive 'at home and abroad' seasonal guide and cookbook from a witty writer with an eye for intriguing and wonderful recipes.

Jenny Chandler

Food writer

A stunningly written, seasonal cook book that came with me everywhere during my years as a nomadic chef.

Valentina Harris

Author and Chef

A perfect example of a book that works absolutely perfectly without a single glossy picture

Willie Lebus

Director Bibendum Wine

Allegra McEvedy

Chef, writer and broadcaster