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Floyd on Italy

Floyd on Italy

by Keith Floyd


British chef and TV personality, Keith Floyd’s charming and cheeky style are on display in Floyd on Italy, a guide to Italian food, wine, and culture. Peppered with stories of the places and people that gave rise to the recipes, this evocative and accessible cookbook, which followed the TV series of the same name, includes a wide range of memorable dishes—from Lobster and Scampi Risotto to Piedmontese Cheese Fondue.

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This illustrated celebration of Italian food, wine, people and landscapes follows on from Keith Floyd's television series of the same name. Simple dishes of antipasti range from toasted bread soaked in garlic and olive oil, to lightly grilled vegetables and potent, aromatic dips. For main meals there are traditional favourites as well as less well-known dishes such as white bean goulash and red mullet in pesto. Written in his typically humourous and quirky style, and accompanied by photographs, Floyd gives accounts of the places he visited and the people he encountered.

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