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The New Penguin Cookery Book

by Jill Norman

from the publisher

THE NEW PENGUIN COOKERY BOOK will provide you with all you need to know about cooking for yourself, your family and friends in the new millennium. It is both a guide for beginners (giving advice on shopping and the store cupboard) and a reference work for the more experienced cook. It explains the basic methods of preparing food (so often omitted in celebrity cookbooks) and then applies these in recipes of many different origins. Throughout, it draws on the cultural diversity of contemporary Britain and reflects the differences in our eating habits since the original PENGUIN COOKERY BOOK was published in 1952. This is an authoritative cookery book for those who want to cook and eat real food.

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Michael Joseph
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Recommended by

Jenny Linford

Food writer

The discreetly elegant, understated appearance of the book - the pleasures being ones of paper quality, carefully chosen, easy to read font - is matched by the elegance of Norman's writing. Authoritative, wide-ranging, this is a book I often consult in order to see what she says on the subject in question. Her knowledge of food and cooking is huge and this book is infused with that depth of knowledge making it a wonderful work.

Nevin Halici

Chef and author