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Energy Balls & Power Bites

Energy Balls & Power Bites

by Sara Lewis


Seasoned British food writer Sara Lewis’s collection of hunger-busting energy balls, muesli bars, and traybakes has plenty of sound nutritional advice, in addition to 50 recipes that are low in sugar and high in protein. The chapter ‘Eating for energy around exercise’ is particularly useful for athletes who’d like to maximize their performance.

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There are moments in the day when you need a boost to keep you alert, or a protein burst post-gym or run. Our bodies need energy through the day, but snacking on sugary or salty processed foods is not the healthy answer. Here are nutrient-dense and tasty fatigue fighting snacks that are good for you too. Many can be made in a matter of minutes; others can be kept ready in the fridge and even freezer to pull out as you need. There are energy balls made with fresh medjool dates, frozen berries and spirulina; wholegrain muesli bars; lime and chia bars; spiced apple bites; and pumpkin seed, almond and sour cherry bars, all packed with taste and goodness.

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