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By Heather Whinney

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Ramen has cult status in urban centers worldwide and this book explains what this Japanese soup noodle dish is all about. After briefly tracing the dish’s history the author concisely breaks down the dish to its key elements: broth, tare (seasoning), noodles, and toppings. The recipes that follow are varied and simple to make.

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A combination of noodles, broth and topping, ramen is loved for its wonderful depths of umami flavour. In its simplest form, ramen combines wheat noodles, a tasty base broth, a salt or soy 'tare', and carefully selected toppings. This enticing book shows how to make classic ramen dishes as well as irresistible twists and variations. There are beef and pork ramens - miso steak and tomato, or pork and peanut - poultry recipes such as shredded chicken and kimchi; fish dishes using fresh clams, scallops, prawns and salmon; and lots of vegetable-based ramens - teriyaki tofu, sapporo-style vegetables, and mixed mushrooms, among others.
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Lorenz Books
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