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Vegan Kids

Vegan Kids

by Heather Whinney


A commonsense, practical guide to feeding young people who’ve chosen not to eat meat and dairy, but who may nonetheless feel the pull of the burgers, pizzas, and cakes they’ve forsaken. Dietary advice is solid, and the 100+ recipes include plenty of dishes that kids actually want to eat, from Chilli ‘Non’ Carne to Celebration Chocolate Cake.

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These are recipes for the dishes that we know kids want to eat, vegan or not. Some might prefer pasta with wet (or dry) sauce, some may object to relishes on their burgers, or too-spicy stir-fries, or just to roasted veg – but we guarantee there will be something here they like: tikka-style tofu wrap; spag veganese; ‘no-fish’ and chips; sticky tofu noodles; chocolate cake; it’s-not-cheesecake. Eating interesting and healthy vegan food is easy for adults with time to prepare, and tastebuds that relish the fusion of spices and flavours (and vegetables!). Feeding kids isn’t a new challenge, but what to do when they become vegan as well? Many children and teenagers are making this dietary choice, but with the same demand for food that they like to eat. For the cook, the need is for dishes that are feasible to put together, day in day out, and yet fulfil requirements for health and nutrition. Eating a balanced diet is important for all of us, not just for children and teenagers (and students), and now is the best time to enjoy cooking up some healthy, delicious recipes with everyday appeal. Happy vegan eating!

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