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Newsletter: Ramen recipes, a new chef compilation cookbook, and share your own Consuming Passion

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 Consuming Passions – pomegranates

This week we are full of Consuming Passions, with the latest crop of new features, and a request to you, dear reader.
Dina Macki did not hesitate for a moment when asked her Consuming Passion. It could only be pomegranates. The British-born chef, food writer and presenter is from an Omani an Zanzibari family, and the jewel-like fruit is central to so much of the food she grew up with and adores. Her love for Omani food has led to the great success of her ‘Dine with Dina’ supper-club, and her upcoming book on Omani cuisine.
In her Consuming Passions: Pomegranates feature she takes us from that first startling taste of the sweet-sharp fruit, through the many ways she now incorporates it in her cooking.
Referencing many wonderful recipes from across ckbk she shows us it is always a good idea to strew the precious seeds as a garnish – try Spiced Persian Pilaf with Pomegranate and Almonds. And ways in which the fruit, molasses, and juice, can enliven the flavor of a vast range of dishes, sweet and savory. How does a Casserole of Lamb & Pomegranate Molasses or Sparkling Lime and Pomegranate sound!
Find 490 savory dishes with pomegranates
Pictured above: Sunny Citrus Bowls with Orange Pomegranate Salsa and Lemon Cream from Whole Bowls by Allison Day

Consuming Passions – pork

Chris Bulow is well placed to know and appreciate all things pig related. Brought up on pig farms in Essex and Kent, he now runs website Salute the Pig. Devoted to “the countless joys of porcine delights” we can think of no finer writer for new feature Consuming Passions: Pork. Bulow charts a life of piggy discovery, from his first roast pork, to his first cassoulet, to more recent discoveries.
He details why the pig really is an animal to do full justice to ‘nose-to-tail’ eating, and how pork shines in dishes from across Europe to Asia and beyond.

Try Bollito, a classic Italian stew of simmered meats, or spice things up with Pork and Kimchi Gyoza. Bulow’s article is full of great recipe suggestions, as well as his infectious love of pork!

We want to know your Consuming Passion

We hope you’re loving reading about our users’ and writers’ Consuming Passions as much as we are. Each a more-than-tempting love letter, a deep dive, into a food we may not have given such consideration to before. At this time of year our founder Matthew Cockerill’s piece on Marmalade is worth revisiting, given we are once again in Seville orange season and the preserving pan beckons.
We want to add to more of these features. So, we’re asking you to get messaging, let us know what food you are most passionate about. It may be something well known that divides people – such as Marmite or tripe. It may be an ingredient that you loved in childhood. It may be something specific to the town or region where you live, or something you discovered on a holiday and now can't get enough of. Whatever it is, tell us about it.

Tell us about your own Consuming Passion in a few words.

We'll publish a selection of the best responses, and the lucky winner will receive one of our limited edition ckbk aprons.
Share your Consuming Passion

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Toques in Black – a new book celebrating black chefs across the US

Celebrated photographer Alan Batt – more commonly known as Battman – has published over 30 books. His latest, Toques in Black, is an inspiring celebration of black culinary talent from across the United States. Originally famous for his visual chronicling of New York City, in 2001 Battman took his first steps in food photography.

Since 2004 he has hosted “The Great Gathering of Chefs,” an annual networking event from across the industry that raises awareness and money to support young chefs. He is also the founder of The Chefs Connection, an important online networking initiative.

Toques in Black documents the lives, careers and food of 101 black chefs of note.

It contains a stunningly diverse range of stories and recipes to lift body and soul.
Try Banana Milk Chocolate Caramel Tart with Crème Fraiche Ice Cream, while reading about its creator, Anthony Smith, multi award winning pastry chef of the Cosmopolitan Club NYC. Or get to know Jameeale Arzeno, culinary director at The James Beard Foundation. Then try her exciting tuna recipe Raw and Forbidden.
Books that compile recipes from multiple chefs provide a rich resource of culinary brilliance. Toques in Black is one of the books in this week’s cookbook showcase adding up to hundreds of exciting food creatives to discover. We Are La Cucina brings you recipes from the delicious diversity of the chefs at La Cocina’s San Francisco home. Le Cordon Bleu’s A Culinary Journey brings you recipes from 70 of their exceptional alumni around the world. To explore all these and more take a look at our Chef Compilations showcase.

What to cook now: Swiss chard

Related to sugar beet, Swiss chard (aka chard or silverbeet) is grown for the fleshy stalks and leaves, rather than the root. Gardeners love Swiss chard: it’s easy to grow, and keeps on growing right through the colder months.
Whether it’s homegrown, from a farmers’ market, or store-bought, it’s versatile and nutritious – and if you can find the red and yellow-stemmed varieties, it looks unexpectedly extravagant too. It tastes something like spinach. The leaves and stalks are good in many recipes, and usually cooked separately. Try Swiss Chard, Onion and Cheese Frittata, or this Italian recipe for Baked Swiss Chard Stalks Wrapped in Bacon.
These and 10 more great recipes can be found in our 12 Ways with Swiss Chard collection.

6 of the best ramen

If you want something comforting, but that will leave you feeling nourished rather than stuffed, look no further than ramen. Here are six great recipes to get you started.

Chickpea Ramen

from PLANTLAB by Matthew Kenney

Shoyu Ramen with Lardons and Pickled Golden Raisins

from Toques in Black by Battman, recipe by Marc Anthony Bynum

Late Night Miso Ramen

from Solo by Signe Johansen

Spicy Pork Ramen

from Everyday Instant Pot Cookbook by Bryan Woolley

Duck Ramen

from WHOLE: Bowl Food for Balance by Melissa Delport

Fresh Crab and Lemon Ramen

from Ramen by Heather Whinney
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