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Toques in Black: The Extraordinary Diversity of Black Chefs

Toques in Black: The Extraordinary Diversity of Black Chefs

by Battman

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Toques In Black: A Celebration of Black Chefs is a cookbook with recipes and stories about growing up and the successes that have come from what at times seems like insurmountable odds. With photos by the award-winning photographer Battman, this is a book to get excited about. Sales of the book will help fund The Chef’s Connection Line Cook Program, a free training and job placement program for newcomers to the culinary industry.

"Toques in Black was a year and a half long project and thousands of miles that took me across the country to photograph the dishes and record the stories of 101 Black Chefs. A group that is under estimated and gets very little attention for all of the wonderful work they do. So much so that I didn’t think I would have enough chefs to fill a book. Well, I could have filled 100 books. Here are some of the dishes that could stand up to any of the best known and celebrated chefs." - Battman

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The Chef's Connection
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Kevin Mitchell

Chef Instructor, Culinary Institute of Charleston

An assembling of recipes and stories from 101 Black Chefs from across the country.