The Cooking of the Middle East

The Cooking of the Middle East

by Claudia Roden


Claudia Roden has written definitive books on Jewish, Spanish, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern food. This book, originally published as part of the groundbreaking cookbook series that Sainsbury’s commissioned from leading British food writers, is a benchmark, and helped open the world’s eyes to the edible treasures of Iranian, Arab, Turkish, and North African tables, and the ingredients that give these cuisines their defining characteristics.

from the publisher

In The Cooking of the Middle East, Claudia Roden presents a comprehensive selection of classic and little-known dishes from four sensuous and exotic cuisines: Iranian, Arabian, North African and Turkish. Scented, rich and colourful, Middle Eastern food is very much part of a tradition of hospitality and so-is perfect for entertaining. The dishes range from delicately spiced, through sharp and sweet, to tantalisingly hot and spicy, using successful combinations of flavoursome ingredients such as herbs, spices, grains, pulses, nuts and dried fruit to give a wonderful variety of tastes and textures. The book provides the perfect opportunity to discover the versatile and aromatic dishes of this fascinating area.

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