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The Great Book of Tea

The Great Book of Tea

by Elaine Lemm

from the publisher

This is the third book in the best selling "The Great Book of..." series. Perhaps more than any country, we Brits love our cup of tea. Our day revolves around the morning cuppa, tea breaks, the decadent pleasure of Afternoon Tea, and there's always teatime to look forward to. We hold tea parties, adore tea shops and tea is our first call in time of crisis, not forgetting the pleasure of putting the kettle on when friends drop by. We even profess to predicting the future from the soggy, used leaves. So just how and why did tea sneak so completely into the British psyche? Where does it come from and why after centuries is our love of it still so strong today? "The Great Book of Tea" traces the history of tea since its introduction into the UK as a medicine and also looks at the journey of tea - from plant to pot. Elaine Lemm uncovers the origins of the thoroughly British institution of afternoon tea (currently undergoing something of a revival) and our nation's long standing love affair with tea. The book also includes many great recipes - both those using tea and delicious recipes for the perfect afternoon tea. This is the third instalment in the popular series by Elaine Lemm (previous titles include "The Great Book of Yorkshire Pudding" and "The Great Book of Rhubarb")

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