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The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook

The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook

by Jo Stepaniak

from the publisher

This cookbook was written in response to the countless people who would like to be vegan but feel that they could never give up dairy products, especially cheese. Now they can enjoy all the goo and glory of their favorite cheesy dishes without the cholesterol and dairy allergens that can be harmful to their health. Vegetables come alive with tangy uncheese sauces, and rich desserts are silky and smooth. This collection of recipes will help any cook expand their repertoire of nutritious "comfort" foods. From lasagna, grilled cheez sandwiches, and pizza to spreads and dips and sliceable un-cheese, they'll never miss dairy again. Also included are research findings about dairy and health, by dietitian Vesanto Melina. Tables and charts show calcium, protein, and other nutrients in a variety of plant foods to show how to safely replace dairy in your diet.

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