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Cast Iron Cookbook

Cast Iron Cookbook

by Joanna Pruess


The first in Pruess’s cast-iron trilogy, this book neatly argues the case for rediscovering the all-American cast-iron skillet, the vessel in which so many traditional dishes were cooked and served. Recipes such as Skillet Cornbread, Buttermilk Fried Chicken, and Apple-Cherry Tarte Tatin tap into the contemporary trend for nostalgic dishes.

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Cast iron is a unique material that heats evenly and lasts practically forever. Finally, here is a cast iron cookbook as timeless and varied as the material itself. Cast iron revolutionized American cooking upon its introduction, and soon no kitchen was complete without long-lasting, heat-retaining cast iron cookware. Today, cast iron is a fixture still, even the most cutting-edge, high-tech kitchens. Top chefs know: there is simply no other material quite like it. Classic illustrations of collectible pans and recipes for these or any cast iron products, combined with fresh takes on the best of American cooking, make the one-of–a-kind Cast Iron Cookbook an instant classic.

The recipes featured in Cast Iron Cookbook are tailored to the material's singular strengths, blending classic dishes like peach cobbler and fried chicken with modern fare like Duck with Apples, Moroccan Lamb-Stuffed Peppers, and Panko-Macadamia-Crusted Salmon.

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