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Magrets & Mushrooms

Magrets & Mushrooms

by Jeanne Strang

from the publisher

“Finding out that Jeanne Strang had written another exploration of southwestern French cuisine bringing the story forward another thirty years was like realizing that yet another present was about to unexpectedly materialize under the Christmas tree.” Anne Mendelson, food journalist and culinary historian

Jeanne Strang moved from the UK to South-West France in the 1960s, along with her husband Paul, and the couple spent the next five decades immersing themselves in rural life and carefully chronicling the foodways of one of France’s most gastronomically rich regions. The recipe in Magrets & Mushrooms, many of them trenchantly traditional, include scores of definitive dishes based on produce from local potagers and orchards, from farmyards to forests and fishing villages – all richly woven through with stories and anecdotes. Through Jeanne’s careful yet slyly witty observations of local lore, readers learn about a way of cooking (and living) that is slowly disappearing.

Magrets & Mushrooms is a sequel to the classic Goose Fat & Garlic (published in 1991, and frequently reprinted). This posthumously published work is a fitting tribute to a woman whose culinary inquisitiveness has helped to preserve the food traditions of her adopted home for future generations. It is also the first cookbook to be published by ckbk – a ckbk original publication, available in print, as an eBook, and via the ckbk app.

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