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The Quality Chop House

The Quality Chop House

by William Lander, Shaun Searley and Daniel Morgenthau


“This is a cookbook about a restaurant, but it’s not a restaurant cookbook,” write the authors of this stylish title celebrating London institution The Quality Chop House. Readers experience “a day in the life” at the restaurant through now-legendary recipes such as Confit Potatoes, Whipped Cod's Roe, and Pastrami-cured Salmon.

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Where I'll always want to be.' Marina O'Loughlin The Quality Chop House has stood proudly on the corner of Farringdon Road and Exmouth Market since 1869. It's been a working man's cafe, a '90s celeb magnet and, for the last 7 years, one of London's best-known, best-loved restaurants, with its famous confit potatoes regularly topping lists of `dishes you can't miss in London' on websites across the globe. On any given night, you will find notables from London's food world propping up the bar or rummaging for bottles of wine in the shop next door. Every week, delicious produce arrives at the restaurant from all over the British Isles: produce which eventually ends up in dishes like pastrami-cured salmon, roast cod with trotter tortellini or beef mince on dripping toast. The cooking is deceptively simple but honed to perfection: behind each recipe is an accumulation of notes, seasoning tweaks and adjustments according to what might be in season. Learn the secret behind those famous potatoes, the timings behind a perfect Sunday roast and what really makes a sandwich. This is British cooking written with accessibility and precision, that will make itself at home in any kitchen.
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Behind The Cookbook: The Quality Chop House

Behind The Cookbook: The Quality Chop House

To mark the release of The Quality Chop House cookbook, we talk to co-owner William Lander about the restaurant’s history and that of London chop houses, and how the venue fits into the legacy of the area’s groundbreaking eateries. Located in the area of the city near acclaimed restaurants St. John, The Eagle and Moro, and handily just up the road from Smithfield meat market, it has played a prominent role in the recent success of Modern English cooking.