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Vegetables: The new food heroes

Vegetables: The new food heroes

by Peter Gordon


Peter Gordon became a committed champion of fresh, seasonal veg long before it was the fashionable norm to do so. These recipes for vegetarian main courses show Gordon’s deft hand with spicing, and with mixing flavors from across continents and cultures. The 80 recipes for casseroles & curries, roasts, bakes & braises (and more) are more than worthy of taking center stage.

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All too often when preparing a meal, we give little or no thought to what vegetables we should serve with our meat, chicken or fish and the end result is an unappetising side course that does little to delight the eye or the palate. In his new book, acclaimed chef, Peter Gordon, showcases vegetables and brings them firmly centre stage as the main dish of the meal. The book contains an impressive range of recipes, including: Soups, Casseroles and Curries; Fried Vegetables, in the form of Fritters, Stir-fries and Frittatas; Roasts, Gratins, Bakes and Braises, Pies, Tarts and Quiches; Pasta, Noodles and Grains; Pickles and Preserves. There's even a chapter devoted to creative ways with traditional accompaniments, like Potatoes, Roots, Purees and Greens, as well as one on Vegetable-based Desserts. Almost all the recipes can also be servedin smaller portions, as starters or side dishes. Throughout the book, he uses an incredible variety of seasonal vegetables from the humble potato and tomato through to the more exotic bitter melons, plantains and kumara all of which are readily available in supermarkets, greengrocers and ethnic food stores.
Try mouth-watering Spinach Ricotta Fritters with Watercress and Caper Salad, Caramelised Garlic and Mascarpone Risotto, Savoy Cabbage, Mushroom and Blue Cheese Polenta Bake and Pumpkin Pie with Meringue Topping, and you will never think of vegetables in the same way again.

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