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Food and Travels: Asia

Food and Travels: Asia

by Alastair Hendy


This beautiful book, both written and photographed by the talented Alastair Hendy, is an outstanding example of the food-and-travel-writing genre. Hendy’s location shots and luscious food photography set a moody tone, and his beautifully written, close observations of the sights, scents and surrounds are utterly transporting. No library of Southeast Asian food is complete without this book.

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Soups, noodles, curries, stir-fries, rice dishes – Asian food has been adopted by the West and it seems we can't get enough of it. Simple to prepare, clean-tasting, and stylishly presented, it is the ideal food for home cooks who want great food with minimal effort. But Alastair brings much more than the food of Asia to your table – he brings extraordinary travel photography taken over many years too. Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Bali and India are all covered in this irresistible book.

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Octopus/Mitchell Beazley
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Jean Cazals

Food photographer

A beautiful book which started the travel & food affair. The spirit of a place away fro the usual kitchen food opposite to recipe. This book is important as well because on of the first if its not the first to be shot, styled, design with recipes and travel photography from the same person ! Alastair did manage to do the whole in a beautiful way. Alastair has great eye for styled simplicity with atmosphere