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The Gate Easy Vegetarian Cookbook

The Gate Easy Vegetarian Cookbook

by Adrian Daniel and Michael Daniel

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The Gate restaurant serves up a unique brand of vegetarian food, combining ingredients from all over the world to create highly flavoured dishes that look and taste good enough to grace any dinner party table. In this book, the Gate's chef-proprietors Adrian and Michael Daniel introduce their simplest recipes, each one being made using just a few accessible ingredients. For instance, there are Italian polenta chips, Eastern European blinis, Middle Eastern tabbouleh, Indian bhel poori, and Asian rice paper spring rolls. There are lots of fusion dishes too, such as grilled aubergine with lemon grass salsa, flatbread pizzas, and butternut squash and cauliflower samosas. The influences are mainly Mediterranean, Pacific Rim, and international ethnic, but none are stronger than the Indo-Iraqi Jewish traditions of the brothers' own grandmother.

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Mitchell Beazley
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