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The Scented Kitchen: Cooking with Flowers

The Scented Kitchen: Cooking with Flowers

by Frances Bissell


Prolific British food writer Frances Bissell brings the scents and flavors of lavender, roses, elderflower, and fennel to transform otherwise simple dishes. This original cookbook helps you flavor basic ingredients and elevate dishes using flowers in the kitchen.

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Frances Bissell’s wide acclaimed book allows readers to move beyond scattering a few petals on a salad to enjoy the scenes and flavors of both wild and garden flowers such as lavender, elderflower, fennel and roses. Her recipes include the simple – and highly effecting – flavouring of basic ingredients that allows the cook to transform other dishes.

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Angela Clutton

Food writer

I am borderline obsessed by cooking with flowers and it is all down to this book of the most elegant sweet and savoury recipes. Don't think about doing a summer in the kitchen without it.