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Simple Food

Simple Food

by Jill Dupleix


Whether you are a culinary beginner looking for a starting point or a seasoned chef looking to simplify, Jill Dupleix offers recipes that are clean and straightforward in their components and methods. She provides simple options for every meal, including starters, brunches, and meals to entertain. Whether it’s Amish pancakes, caramel salmon, or beef sukiyaki, Simple Food will help you make an easy, delicious meal.

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Simple Food is a collection of recipes for people who love real food, simple ingredients, and fast preparation. Jill Dupleix's one hundred innovative recipes are based on fresh ingredients and effortless culinary techniques, from light summer dishes to comforting winter foods. Separate chapters for each meal of the day feature easy recipes that suit every occasion, from tasty snacks to trouble-free entertaining.

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Nicola Twilley


A gift from my Mum, and the source of my first real "dinner party" dish (Caramel Salmon and Lime). All the pages are spattered and stuck together.