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Old Food

Old Food

by Jill Dupleix

from the publisher

A great recipe cannot die. Green pea soup, roast chicken, summer fruit crumble, creamy rice pudding, gingerbread biscuits, and warm, toasty, cheesy things will never fade, because they have gone far beyond fashion.Now the author of New Food turns her hand to the best recipes of the last two thousand years. From an ancient Roman baked custard flavoured with wild honey to a highly domesticated meat loaf, these are new ways with old favourites. So fish fingers are made with fresh salmon, Greek moussaka is a fast stack of lamb and eggplant, and eggs and bacon are tossed with spinach into a gorgeous salad full of snap and crackle.With 210 desirable recipes, 85 full colour photographs, and a fair whack of kitchen sink wisdom, the inspirational Jill Dupleix takes from the past, to give us the food of the future. She wants us to eat sweet cous cous for breakfast, Thai noodles for lunch, and French poached chicken and vegetables for dinner. She wants us to un-package and deprocess, to save our string, and to cook far too much, so that we can eat all the leftovers. And she wants us to never, ever, slave over a hot stove.

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