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Eat Greek for a Week: Fabulous Food That Will Improve Your Health in Seven Days

Eat Greek for a Week: Fabulous Food That Will Improve Your Health in Seven Days

by Tonia Buxton

from the publisher

In Eat Greek for a Week, cook and television personality Tonia Buxton shows how the culinary wonders of Greece can lead to a happy, healthy and rewarding diet. As a practical cook and nutritional expert, Tonia Buxton takes you on a journey across her homeland and shows how cooking and eating fresh Greek food can help you manage your weight more effectively, slow aging, improve your sex life, and even prevent the development of diabetes. From delicious baked pitakia to mouth-watering meatballs a la Greque, leave the mundane weekday dinners at home and join Tonia on a culinary journey of discovery as she shows you how the dishes of her Hellenic homeland can lead to a happy and healthy lifestyle. With over 100 recipes ranging from wonderful Aegean seafood to irresistible spanakopita, and a simple psari plaki to a superb beef stifado, Eat Greek for a Week is a unique gateway to Greek cooking and the perfect introduction to a new way of living. Eat Greek for a Week to... * Look and feel younger * Prevent or manage diabetes * Reach your ideal weight * Get pregnant * Improve your libido

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