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by Durkhanai Ayubi


So much more than a collection of recipes, Durkhanai Ayubi’s debut book interweaves the history of Afghanistan (the country she fled with her parents as a young child) with family history, and recipes from their restaurant, Parwana, in Adelaide. “This book contains not only recipes but also the history and energy that lies behind them,” she writes. A book to savor while reading – and cooking from.

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Interwoven with traditional Afghan recipes is one family's story of a region long afflicted by war, but with much more at its heart. Author Durkhanai Ayubi's parents, Zelmai and Farida Ayubi, fled Afghanistan with their young children in 1985, at the height of the Cold War.

When their family-run restaurant Parwana opened its doors in Adelaide in 2009, their vision was to share with the world their family memories through the delights of Afghan cuisine, infused with Afghanistan's rich historical culture and traditions of generosity and hospitality, to offer a more complete picture of the country they had left behind.

These fragrant and flavourful recipes have been in the family for generations and include rice dishes, dumplings, curries, meats, Afghan pastas, chutneys and pickles, soups and breads, drinks and desserts. Some are everyday meals, some are celebratory special dishes. Each has a story to tell

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Durkhanai Ayubi's Afghan table

Durkhanai Ayubi's Afghan table

Durkhanai Ayubi’s book Parwana is a beautifully told story of her family’s struggles and triumphs, and their travels from war-torn Afghanistan to a stable and abundant life in Australia. It also gives insight into the country’s history and its deep-rooted cuisine.