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The Nutmeg Trail

The Nutmeg Trail

by Eleanor Ford


Eleanor Ford has lived in Indonesia and Hong Kong and has a passion for the region’s food – and spices. In this, her third cookbook, she investigates the sea routes by which spices found their way around the globe and into recipes, forever changing food cultures along the way. Her recipes are enticing and easy to make, too.

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“What a deep dive this is into the world of spice. . . . And then the recipes! Recipes which allow the reader to travel from Asia to the Middle East along the spice route, taking in so much flavor and so much context on the way.” —Yotam Ottolenghi

Through 80 spice-infused recipes, spectacular images, and a mouthwatering culinary journey along the ancient spice trail, award-winning author Eleanor Ford’s luscious new volume reveals how centuries of spice trading and cultural diffusion changed the world’s cuisine and how to best stock and enjoy spices in your own home.

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Murdoch Books
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Author Profile: Q&A with Eleanor Ford, author of The Nutmeg Trail

Author Profile: Q&A with Eleanor Ford, author of The Nutmeg Trail

Author Eleanor Ford talks to ckbk about how she researched Fire Islands and The Nutmeg Trail, the enduring appeal of spices, and her work as a “culinary detective, finding clues from recipe names, methods, and tastes to trace their stories and ancient links.”