Le Ricette Regionali Italiane


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Charles Michel

Chef and Food Researcher

This is probably the most faithful compendium of Italian recipes, showing a great deal of what Italian cuisine means. It's the great favourite of some of the Michelin-starred chefs I had the chance to meet while working in Italy (even preferred to the 'Cucchiaio d'argento'). The recipes were collected by a woman who travelled the whole country with her sisters, organising for the first time Italian recipes by geographic regions. This is particularly special because it was done before the 'nouvelle cuisine' and all the trends that now tend to globalise food practices (not saying that's a bad thing). This book shows just how complex Italian cuisine is, and there are also many modernist techniques that would even surprise the most creative cooks. A jewel, truly.

Aliza Green

Chef and author

I discovered this magnificent tome on a trip to Italy and was so inspired that I contacted the author to work on a translation. By far the best book on Italian regional cooking in 27 or more editions.

Rachel Roddy

Food writer and blogger

A heavyweight reference book (with the simplest recipes) that I often either for writing or cooking.

Jody Williams

Chef and owner of Buvette

Anna Del Conte

Food writer

Giorgio Locatelli

Chef and restaurateur