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We can cook through this

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The team at ckbk, like everyone else, is struggling to keep up with the swift changes to daily life brought about by the coronavirus crisis. We are following government advice, working from home and limiting social contact. Meanwhile, we know medical professionals are working around the clock to prepare for the challenges ahead, and many friends in the restaurant trade are facing an unprecedented crisis across their entire industry.

Through all of this, we know that good healthy food remains important, it can comfort and sustain, and a varied and interesting diet can help make life in confinement just a little more bearable.

We want to do what we can, in a small way, to help, and so we are opening up access to ckbk’s full collection. For the next month, anyone can use the code WECANCOOKTHROUGHTHIS to claim 30 days of unlimited access to over 360 cookbooks and 85,000 recipes with no strings attached. Thanks to our many licensors and publishing partners for supporting this move. We hope this will give you the chance to find plenty of ideas and inspiration that will keep you and your loved ones well fed until happier times.


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A crash course on cupboard cooking

We’ve brought together several recipe collections to help you make the most of the ingredients you have on hand. We’ll be offering additional recipe ideas and resources in the coming days. Stay tuned for more.

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