To Ragoo a Neck of Veal


Cut a Neck of Veal into Steaks, flatten them with a Rolling-pin, season them with Salt, Pepper, Cloves and Mace, lard them with Bacon, Lemon-peel and Thyme, dip them in the Yolks of Eggs, make a Sheet of strong Cap-Paper up at the four Comers in the Form of a Dripping-pan, pin up the Corners, butter the Paper and also the Gridiron, and set it over a Fire of Charcoal; put in your Meat, Jet it do leisurely, keep it basting and turning to keep in the Gravy, and when it is enough have ready Half a Pint of strong Gravy, season it high, put in Mushrooms and Pickles, Force-Meat Balls dipp’d in the Yolks of Eggs, Oysters stew’d and fry’d, to lay round and at the Top of your Dish, and then serve it up. If for a Brown Ragoo, put in Red Wine. If for a White One, put in White Wine, with the Yolks of Eggs beat up with two or three Spoonfuls of Cream.