To Collar a Breast of Veal


Take a very sharp Knife and nicely take out all the Bones, but take great Cara you do not cut the Meat through, pick all the Fat and Meat off the Bones, then grate some Nutmeg all over the Inside of the Veal, a very little beaten Mace, a little Pepper and Salt, a few Sweet Herbs shred small, some Parsley, a little Lemon-peel shred small, a few Crumbs of Bread and the Bits of Fat pick’d off the Bones, roll it up tight, stick one Skewer in to hold it together, but do it cleaver that it stands upright in the Dish, tye a Packthread across it to hold it together, spit it, then roll the Caul all round it, and roast it. An Hour and a Quarter will do it. When it has been about an Hour at the Fire take off the Caul, drudge it with Flour, baste it well with fresh Butter, and let it be of a fine Brown. For Sauce take Two Pennyworth of Gravy Beef, cut it and hack it well, then flour it, fry it a little Brown, then pour into your Stew-pan some boiling Water, stir it well together, then fill your Pan two Parts full of Water, put in an Onion, a Bundle of Sweet Herbs, a little Crust of Bread toasted, two or three Blades of Mace, four Cloves, some whole Pepper, and the Bones of the Veal: Cover it close, and let it stew till it is quite rich and thick, then strain it, boil it up again with Truffles and Morels, a few Mushrooms, a Spoonful of Catchup, two or three Bottoms of Artichokes, if you have them, add a little Salt, just enough to season the Gravy, take the Packthread off the Veal, and let it upright in the Dish; cut the Sweetbread into four, and broil it of a fine Brown, with a few Force-Meat Balls fry’d, lay these round the Dish, and pour in the Sauce. Garnish the Dish with Lemon, and send it to Table.