To dress a Fillet of Beef


It is the Inside of the Surloin: You must carefully cut it all out from the Bone, grate some Nutmeg over it, a few Crumbs of Bread, a little Pepper and Salt, a little Lemon-peel, a little Thyme, some Parsley shred small, and roll it up tight; tye it with a Packthread, roast it, put a Quart of Milk and a Quarter of a Pound of Butter into the Dripping-pan and baste it; when it is enough take it up, untye it, leave a little Skewer in it to hold it together, have a little good Gravy in the Dish, and some Sweet Sauce in a Cup. You may baste it with Red Wine and Butter, if you like it better, or it will do very well with Butter only.