Beef Steaks Rolled


Take three or four Beef Steaks, flat them with a Cleaver, and make a Force-Meat thus: Take a Pound of Veal beat fine in a Mortar, the Flesh of a large Fowl cut small, Half a Pound of cold Ham chopp’d small, the Kidney-Fat of a Loin of Veal chopp’d small, a Sweetbread cut in little Pieces, an Ounce of Truffles and Morels first stew’d and then cut small, some Parsley, the Yolks of four Eggs, a Nutmeg grated, a very little Thyme, a little Lemon-peel cut fine, a little Pepper and Salt, and Half a Pint of Cream; mix all together, lay it on your Steaks, roll them up firm, of a good Size, and put a little Skewer into them, put them into the Stew-pan, and fry them of a nice Brown; then pour all the Fat quite out, and put in a Pint of good fry’d Gravy put one Spoonful of Catchup, two Spoonfuls of Red Wine, a few Mushrooms, and let them stew for a Quarter of an Hour. Take up the Steaks, cut them in two, lay the cut Side uppermost, and pour the Sauce over it. Garnish with Lemon.

Note, Before you put the Force-Meat into the Beef, you are to stir it all together over a slow Fire for eight or ten Minutes.