To make a Mutton Hash


Cut your Mutton in little Bits as thin as you can, Brew a little Flour over it, have ready some Gravy (enough for Sauce) wherein Sweet Herbs, Onion, Pepper and Salt have been boil’d; Brain it, put in your Meat, with a little Piece of Butter rolled in Flour and a little Salt, a Shalot cut fine, a few Capers and Gerkins chopp’d fine, and a Blade of Mace: Toss all together for a Minuet or two, have ready some Bread toasted thin and cut into Sippets, lay them round the Dish, and pour in your Hash. Garnish your Dish with Pickles and Horse-raddish.

Note, Some love a Glass of Red Wine, or Walnut Pickle, You may put just what you will into a Hash.