A Pillaw of Veal


Take a Neck or Breast of Veal, Half roast it, then cut it into six Pieces, season it with Pepper, Salt, and Nutmeg; take a Pound of Rice, put to it a Quart of Broth, some Mace, and a little Salt, do it over a Stove or very slow Fire till it is thick, but butter the Bottom of the Dish or Pan you do it in, beat up the Yolks of Six Eggs and stir into it, then take a little round deep Dish, butter it, lay some of the Rice at the Bottom, then lay the Veal on a round Heap and cover it all over with the Rice, wash it over with the Yolks of Eggs and bake it an Hour and a Half, then open the Top and pour in a Pint of rich good Gravy; garnish with Seville Orange cut in Quarters, and send it to Table hot.