To make a savoury Dish of Veal


Cut large Collops out of a Leg of Veal, spread them abroad on a Dresser, hack them with the Back of a Knife, and dip them in the Yolks of Eggs; season them with Cloves, Mace, Nutmeg, and Pepper, beat fine, make Force-Meat with some of your Veal, Beef Sewet, Oysters chopp’d, Sweet Herbs shred fine, and the aforesaid Spice, strew all these over your Collops, roll and tye them up, put them on Skewers, tye them to a Spit, and roast them; to the rest of your Force-Meat add a raw Egg or two, roll them in Balls and fry them, put them in your Dish with your Meat when roasted, and make the Sauce with strong Broth, an Anchovy, a Shalot, a little White Wine, and some Spice; Jet it stew, and thicken it with a Piece of Butter rolled in Flour, pour the Sauce into the Dish, lay the Meat in, and Garnish with Lemon.