Scotch Collops Larded


Prepare a Fillet of Veal, cut it into thin Slices, cut off the Skin and Fat, lard them with Bacon, fry them Brown, then take them out and lay them in a Dish, pour out all the Butter, take a Quarter of a Pound of Butter and melt it in the Pan, then strew in a Handful of Flour, stir it till it is Brown, and pour in three Pints of good Gravy, a Bundle of Sweet Herbs, and an Onion, which you must take out soon; let it boil a little, then put in the Collops, let them stew Half a Quarter of an Hour, put in some Force-Meat Balls fry’d, the Yolks of two Eggs, a Piece of Butter, and a few pickled Mushrooms; stir all together for a Minute or two till it is thick, and then dish it up. Garnish with Lemon.