A Pig Matelote


Gut and scald your Pig, cut off the Head and Petty-Toes, then cut your Pig in four Quarters, put them with the Head and Toes into cold Water: Cover the Bottom of a Stew-pan with Slices of Bacon, and place over them the said Quarters, with the Petty-Toes, and the Head cut in two. Season the Whole with Pepper, Salt, Thyme, Bay-Leaf, an Onion, and a Bottle of White Wine; lay over more Slices of Bacon, put over it a Quart of Water, and let it boil. Take two large Eels, skin and gut them, and cut them about five or six Inches long; when your Pig is Half done put in your Eels, then boil a Dozen of large Craw-fish, cut off the Claws, and take off the Shells of the Tails, and when your Pig and Eels are enough, lay first your Pig and the Petty-Toes round it, but don’t put in the Head (it will be a pretty Dish cold) then lay your Eels and Craw-fish over them, and take the Liquor they were stew’d in, skim off all the Fat, then add to it Half a Pint of strong Gravy thicken’d with a little Piece of burnt Butter, and pour over it; then Garnish with Craw-fish and Lemon. This will do for a First Course, or Remove. Fry the Brains and lay round and all over the Dish.