To Stew a Turky brown the nice Way


Bone it, and fill it with Force-Meat made thus: Take the Flesh of a Fowl, Half a Pound of Veal, and the Flesh of two Pigeons, with a well pickled or dried Tongue, peel it, and chop it all together, then beat it in a Mortar, with the Marrow of a Beef Bone, or a Pound of the Fat of a Loin of Veal, season it with two or three Blades of Mace, two or three Cloves, and Half a Nutmeg, dried at a good Distance from the Fire, and pounded, with a little Pepper and Salt; mix all this well together, fill your Turky, fry it of a fine Brown, and put it into a little Pot that will just hold it; lay four or five Skewers at the Bottom of the Pot, to keep the Turky from sticking; put in a Quart of good Beef and Veal Gravy, wherein was boiled Spice and Sweet Herbs, cover it close, and let it stew Half an Hour; then put in a Glass of Red Wine, one Spoonful of Catchup, a large Spoonful of pickled Mushrooms, and a few fresh ones, if you have them, a few Truffles and Morels, a Piece of Butter as big as a Walnut, roll’d in Flour; cover it close, and let it stew Half an Hour longer; get the little French Rolls ready fry’d, take some Oysters, and strain the Liquor from them, then put the Oysters and Liquor into a Sauce-pan, with a Blade of Mace, a little White Wine, and a Piece of Butter rolled in Floury let them stew till it is thick, then fill the Loaves, lay the Turky in the Dish, and pour the Sauce over it. If there is any Fat on the Gravy take it off, and lay the Loaves on each Side of the Turky. Garnish with Lemon when you have no Loaves, and take Oysters dipt in Batter and fry’d.

Note, The same will do for any White Fowl.