Chickens Roasted with Force-Meat and Cucumbers


Take two Chickens, dress them very neatly, break the Breast Bone, and make a Force-Meat thus: Take the Flesh of a Fowl and of two Pigeons, with some Slices of Ham or Bacon, chop them all well together, take the Crumb of a Penny Loaf soaked in Milk and boiled, then let it to cool; when it is cool mix it all together, season it with beaten Mace, Nutmeg, Pepper, and a little Salt, a very little Thyme, some Parsley, and a little Lemon-peel, with the Yolks of two Eggs; then fill your Fowls, spit them, and tye them at both Ends; after you have pepper’d the Breast, take four Cucumbers, cut them in two, and lay them in Salt and Water two or three Hours before; then dry them, and fill them with some of the Force-Meat (which you must take care to save) and tye them with a Packthread, flour them, and fry them of a fine Brown; when your Chickens are enough, lay them in the Dish, and untye your Cucumbers, but rake care the Meat don’t come out; then lay them round the Chickens with the flat Side downward, and the narrow End upwards: You must have some rich fry’d Gravy and pour into the Dish; then Garnish with Lemon.

Note, One large Fowl done this Way, with the Cucumbers laid round it, looks very pretty, and is a very good Dish.